Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mystery Tubers From Seed

I'm always intrigued when I go into the plant room. Almost every visit provides something interesting to look at or find that I wasn't necessarily expecting. This time was no different!

I mat water in my trays and I haven't changed the mat as often as I usually do because I was seeing some seedlings growing on the moist surface. (You might have noticed that...)
 I was curious to see if I could get the seedlings parted from the mat without tearing off all the roots. When the plants were very small I didn't have much success so I waited a little longer thinking that with a little more top growth, I might just be able to separate them.

I came to find a sweet little surprise!
The baby plantlets in this tray all have tubers. You  can see the small, tan, rounded little lumps where the roots start? Those are in fact the small tubers forming already.

I've put a few of what I extracted into Solo cups and they seemed to take the transition with grace. I'll grow them out and see what it is that I actually got. Surprise!  


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