Saturday, May 31, 2014

Connie's Sinningia Speciosa

 This is a bright way to start any Saturday! Twin Cities Chapter member, Connie R. is growing this Sinningia and recently brought it to a meeting to share it with the club.
 It's a relatively compact plant that's over three years old now. It blooms and then will go through a dormancy period only to come back even better than before!
I, personally, have always had some trouble getting the big-flowered speciosas to stay compact and bloom without losing any of the flowers. I'm impressed!

This one has such a nice combination of colors in the flower. We're all wondering the best way to propagate it. The taller types of Sinningia are easy enough to take stem cuttings from but these guys are more rosette-type and sometimes only put up the one stem from the tuber at a time and you wouldn't want to ruin the flowering by taking it off for rooting.

So, comments???? How do you do propagate it best??


  1. Bit late to the party, but will speciosas propagate from leaves?


  2. I picked a leaf off of my sister's white flowered plant and rooted it with my African violet leaves. It grew into a flowering plant much faster than the violets.